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CPD 7 Hours
(inclusive of GST)
Date 10 Jun 2017
Time 9.00am-5.00pm
Location Brisbane, QLD

Course Description

Presenter: Various Presenters

Our Movability course introduces the concept of movement therapy and performance enhancement to create simple and effective home care mobility and stability programs.  Movability is a new paradigm for enhancing human movement.  This course will clarify the "why" behind using the balls, bands, rollers, and tape to improve mobility and stability of the body using a joint by joint approach.  By using movement assessment to determine planar dysfunction, participants will learn how to determine if the dysfunction is primarily a mobility or stability problem. 

Tools (balls bands, rollers and kinesiology tape) will be used to tackle an evidence informed, joint by joint approach to movement and functional rehabilitation.  Movement assessments will be used to identify dysfunctional movement patterns.  The primary goal of this course is to help healthcare and fitness professionals teach at home therapy for their athletes and patients. 


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