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OA webinar: The enormous cost of not listening to our patients

OA webinar: The enormous cost of not listening to our patients
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Date 16 Mar 2017
Time 7.30pm - 9.00pm
Address Online webinar
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Course Description

Presenter: Oscar Trimboli

We all hear our patients when they speak to us, but are we really listening to them?

In this webinar, you will unlock the 5 levels of listening to help you and your practice make an impact beyond words.

  1. The costs of not listening to patients
  2. Understand practical techniques to identify what the patient really wants, rather than what they say
  3. How to connect what they say so that they understand you have heard them
  4. Create a compelling connection between what they say and their treatment plan
  5. The 3 things you can implement immediately to make the most impact for your patients and your practice

About Presenter:

Oscar Trimboli is an expert in Deep Listening helping people understand how to listen beyond the words. The Author of Deep Listening – How to have an impact beyond words and Breakthroughs – How to confront assumptions.

An executive coach and accredited coaching supervisor, Oscar consults to organisations including health practitioners, insurance, pharmaceutical, sporting and universities.

“Working with Oscar has freed up enough of me time day to day and week to week that I can start thinking about what’s happening  next year and ten years from now not just the day to day.”  Dr Kevin Finnan Ryde Founder and Osteopath Natural Health Clinic

“12months on, after receiving one on one mentoring from Oscar Trimboli in my Osteopathy Clinic I can genuinely say that because of Oscar's guidance and advice, I was able to achieve goals faster than I could’ve ever imagined. Since meeting Oscar I have been able to complete post-graduate studies, work full-time hours (a combined 60-hour week), while managing a long distance relationship and helping my partner plan a wedding. I was not only able to achieve these goals 12 months ahead of schedule but Oscar helped me double my salary during that time. “ Dr David Aboud Senior Associate Melbourne Osteopathy and Sports Injury Centre

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OA webinar: The enormous cost of not listening to our patients