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MBSR for Health & Social Care Professionals

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Date 16 Jan 2017

Course Description

Presenter: Luminita Buzescu, Australian Mindfulness Institute

What is this programme?

This programme is for Health and Social Care professionals who are seeking complements to western medicine to relieve suffering and enhance benefits of health and wellness. This programme has already transformed the lives of many Health and Social Care professionals in Ireland, the UK, and Canada.

If you are truly ready to make a positive change for you and your patients/clients and you commit to this programme, you will transform your personal and working life and the lives of your patients.

What you'll be getting?


You will receive an 8 week online MBSR programme for Health and Social Care Professionals. This will include 8 weeks of content grounded in science to include videos, a guiding teacher to answer your queries, inclusion on our Discussion Forum with like minded individuals and a one hour webinar at the end of the course with an introduction to Mindfulness in your professional practice/context.


During each stage of the programme a Guiding Teacher will be present online to direct the learning process by synthesizing emerging themes, answering questions, and providing ongoing participant feedback. All of our Guiding Teachers have over a decade of mindfulness practice and broad teaching experience with different clinical and corporate populations.

Registration Details

Phone 02 8310 8069
MBSR for Health & Social Care Professionals