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Precise Points Dry Needling

  • Clinical Course
Date 19 May 2017 - 20 May 2017
Address Level 1
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Location Melbourne, VIC

Course Description

Face to face tuition is ALL PRACTICAL and includes

–       Palpatory skills of osseous, muscular and arterial structures

–       Anatomy - precise location of relevant structures and their relationship to Dry Needling

–       Safe needling practices and techniques around dangerous areas

–       Point location and specificity of points

–       Needling skill and competency

 Level 1 includes in-depth coverage of upper limb, lower limb, lumbar. CPD hourse 16.8

 Level 2 includes in-depth coverage of lumbar, thorax, cervical anterior and posterior, TMJ, head, cupping and more. CPD hours 9.5


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Precise Points Dry Needling