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Resolving Chronic Pain with Osteopathy

Resolving Chronic Pain with Osteopathy
  • Clinical Course
CPD 14
(inclusive of GST)
$400 for first ten registrants. $600 for standard registration.
Date 30 Sep 2017 - 1 Oct 2017
Time Registration from 8.30am for a 9.00am start. Finish time 5.00pm.
Address Endeavour College of Natural Health, 815-825 George St, Haymarket.
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Location Haymarket, NSW

Course Description

Presenter: Joachim Enevoldsen

First 10 registrants save $200


Joachim graduated from RMIT University in 2004 and returned home to Brisbane where he’s practiced since. He has a particular interest in treating chronic and difficult conditions. Joachim has developed a system of diagnosis to make treating every patient easier, particularly those with chronic pain. He has identified the occurrence of certain patterns that consistently cause chronic pain. Over the past nine years he has investigated how to explain these chronic strain patterns from a biomechanically excepted viewpoint.

The seminar has a strong focus on accurately and consistently diagnosing and treating the pelvis. It’s a key area that’s complex in nature and often poorly understood. The pelvis has a significant influence on other parts of the body and is a cornerstone of Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment.

Some of the topics covered include;  what is currently scientifically accepted in pelvis and lower back biomechanics, explaining the strain patterns described in Osteopathic texts and what actually happens in the lower back and pelvis (including what causes leg length discrepancies and different pelvic strain patterns), what happens with the neck in relation to the pelvis and lower back. Joachim will also discuss other troublesome conditions such as; discs, TMJ, tendinopathies and shoulders.

Joachim is teaching a system every Osteopath can utilise, regardless of how you treat and the techniques you use. The seminar contains a significant practical component. You will leave the seminar with an effective system you can immediately apply in practice. It will make treating all of your patients easier, more effective and more enjoyable.


What do osteopaths have to say about this seminar?

This seminar was also held in Brisbane in March 2017. Read the testimonials:

"The weekend I spent at Joachim’s seminar was an extremely valuable experience that has changed the way I assess and treat my patients. As a recent graduate I gained deeper insights into pelvic function and dysfunction. How the pelvis can relate to chronic pain and the rest of the body and how to treat them. I was able to immediately integrate these lessons into my clinical practice and have since had some very gratifying results. I am now less intimidated and much more confident when a complex new patient presents to me.

Joachim has obviously spent a great deal of time researching and experimenting with this topic. He confidently lays out his findings and experiences whilst explaining them within an evidence based framework. I plan on doing more courses with Joachim." - Greg Oliver.


"I found Joachim’s seminar extremely helpful in a practical sense. The seminar was presented in a succinct and insightful manner. I am still using the diagnostic and treatment material he presented with extremely effective results in my own clinic three months later.

I myself, was treated during the seminar as I had had a six month history of hip pain, with a poor response to treatment. Immediately I felt my pain level dramatically decreased. Three month later, I still have no pain!" - Lauren Bowman


"Joachim is a great teacher and an independent thinker. His system for treating chronic pain is deeply osteopathic. It was wonderful to attend a workshop that presented both a theoretical framework for diagnosis and lots of immediately applicable clinical gems. A must for Osteopaths new and seasoned."    - Catherine O’Haire


"The course was well presented, integrated with relevant literature and plenty of practical work to demonstrate application and theory. It was also very enjoyable and I’d highly recommend it." -   Ann Heymans

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Resolving Chronic Pain with Osteopathy