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Planning for a successful 2018

Planning for a successful 2018
  • Webinar
  • Business Course
CPD 1.5 hours
(inclusive of GST)
Members: Free, Non - members: $38
Date 23 Jan 2018
Time 7.30 - 9pm

Course Description

Presenter: Rebecca Coomes

Do you start the new year with the best intentions but by December wonder where the year went?  Do you find that your plans never seem to eventuate because you were too busy during the year? Are you worried that your business isn’t growing at the rate you would like it to but you don’t know what to do about it?

Marketing specialist Rebecca Coomes will show you why developing a marketing plan at the start of 2018 will be the best thing you do for your business this year.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you should plan your marketing activities for the year ahead
  • How to develop a marketing plan and why it will impact your business
  • How to put your plan into action so you have achieved all of your goals by December 2018
  • What you should focus on first
  • How to avoid getting stuck in an owner/operator business mindset
  • Tips on effective marketing activities that are compliant with the regulations

About the Presenter:

Rebecca Coomes is a health marketing specialist with over 20 years experience. She is dedicated to working with health businesses to share the knowledge she has developed over her career so they can have better performing businesses. Rebecca works with osteopaths to build their marketing plans so they can achieve business growth by gaining new customers, retaining existing customers, and increasing revenue and profits.

Unlike many marketing consultants, Rebecca not only advises business on how to do better, more effective marketing, but lives by her own advice. In addition to her marketing consultancy, she founded The Healthy Gut, and has gained international recognition for her work. Creating a business from scratch, today she is the author of 3 books, hosts a successful podcast, has a strong global social media following and a highly engaged community of customers.

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Planning for a successful 2018