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Intensive 1 Day Complete Hands On Taping Workshop Using 3 Methods for Osteopaths

  • Clinical Course
(inclusive of GST)
$195 + GST for the full day, Students-10% discount, Early Bird-before April 1st-10% discount
Date 20 May 2018
Time 8.00am - 5.30pm
Location Adelaide, SA

Course Description

Presenter: Various sports physiotherapists - see website for bio's

The most clinically relevant taping workshops in Australia. We educate and train you how and when tapes should be used unlike other courses (in particular kinesiology tape courses) who promote tapes as a fashion accessory as much as a tape for patient use. We will NOT entertain such approaches. We are completely clinically focussed!  

Intensive hands on taping/strapping session with leading Sports Physios training you to tape with advanced and superior taping techniques. Stop using the general basic techniques and adopt a more modern and advanced method of taping with strong consideration of anatomy and biomechanics.

•  Learn and apply advanced and NEW
   methods of taping key joints
•  Challenge existing concepts and become more competent with       ALL various types of tapes
•  Use not just rigid but the various types of
   Sports Tapes for optimal taping methodology
•  Would suit health professionals and sports trainers.

This KTape session is the very best in the country. We give attendees the best Australia Clinicians in the KTape space who work worldwide with kinesiology tape. Learn exactly how this tape should be used applying basic and advanced techniques. Develop a real sound understanding of how this tape can help BUT also learn when it should NOT be used. Other brands claim it does everything - we teach you what it really can do.

• Understand basic and advanced principles and properties of KTapes (for both the experienced clinician and those new to kinesiology tapes).
• Cover the major regions of the body.
• Learn about mixed application KTape combined with Sports Tape.
• Combine your methods with what the research tells us – we don’t teach
  gimmick taping.
• Leave this session with accreditation and extreme competence with using KTapes.

If you truly want to have a full understanding of how you can make a massive difference to your patients and clients – you need to learn the ACTIVETAPE Deload method of taping.
Learn about this highly elasticated tape and how application can change the function and biomechanics of the body. It truly is a tape that should be learnt by all practitioners. Having this tape option allows you to deload through FULL range of motion not available by most tapes.

•  Learn the concept of ACTIVETAPING
•  Learn a new taping option to look after your clients and patients
•  Make a profound and positive change to the musculoskeletal system
•  Learn basic and advanced techniques
•  Begin to realise you can do additional techniques based on your general
   understanding of mechanics and function.

Registration Details

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Intensive 1 Day Complete Hands On Taping Workshop Using 3 Methods for Osteopaths