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Clinical Assessment of Cervical Nerve Root Syndromes

Clinical Assessment of Cervical Nerve Root Syndromes
  • Webinar
  • Clinical Course
CPD 1.5 hours
(inclusive of GST)
Free for members, $38 for non - members
Date 5 Jun 2018
Time 7.30 - 9pm

Course Description

Presenter: Allan Terrett


Each attendee will be able to:

• understand their duty of care
• evaluate C5, C6, C7, C8, T1 nerve root myotomes
• evaluate C5, C6, C7, C8, T1 nerve root dermatomes
• evaluate C5, C6, C7 reflexes
• evaluate cervical nerve root tension and provocation tests

This webinar will consider the following:

* Failure to recognise: (1) an existing or (2) an evolving cervical nerve root compression syndrome are still the cause of claims of professional negligence (malpractice) against practitioners.
* Many practitioners do not understand what constitutes a reasonable and appropriate neurological examination of the peripheral nervous system and therefore conduct inadequate and/or inappropriate patient assessment.
* Many practitioners know parts of a neurological assessment of cervical nerve roots and an obvious case of nerve compression syndrome (severe pain, weakness, numbness, sensory loss, reflex loss, nerve tension/provocation tests positive) are easy to diagnose. However, in the early stages of an evolving lesion, symptoms are often vague; and several tests may be negative and therefore a barrage of clinical tests need to be conducted (possibly on several consultations) to make an accurate clinical assessment.

This webinar will review the duty of care to the patient and present the examination for lesions in the peripheral nervous system by remembering four (4) tests:

• Myotome
• Dermatome
• Reflex
• Nerve Tension/Provocation Tests

About the presenter

Allan has been involved in over 300 medico-legal cases involving claims of professional negligence (malpractice) against members of the chiropractic, osteopathic, medical, physiotherapy and myotherapy professions in Australia, USA and Canada.

He has taught neurological and musculoskeletal assessment, clinical neurology and clinical orthopaedics to members of the osteopathic and chiropractic professions at undergraduate university level for over 30 years. Allan was an Associate Professor at RMIT University for 19 years and is a visiting lecturer in Paris and Toulouse, France.

Allan has published over 50 articles in refereed journals, chapters in 11 books and two textbooks. He is a known international speaker and has lectured in 19 countries. His research has been referenced by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Clinical Assessment of Cervical Nerve Root Syndromes