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RockBlades Course Launceston

  • Clinical Course
(inclusive of GST)
$150 (incl GST), $95 (incl GST) - under graduate courses as opposed to post graduate courses
Date 29 Jul 2018
Time Registration at 8:45am and the course running from 9am – 1pm
Address In-Balance Physiotherapy and Pilates - 18-20 Paterson Street
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Location Launceston, TAS

Course Description

Presenter: Ben Hayes

Stainless steel tools enable you to assess the tissue in a different way, as well as being great self-care: prevent your hands fatiguing and being prone to injury yourself.

Attend the RockBlades half day course for the chance to learn how instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) could be integrated into your patient care.  The RockBlades course presents an alternate model for IASTM work – what we define as “Instrument Assisted Neuro Sensory Modulation” or IANSM.  This draws from current thinking of the way in which fascia behaves and the influence that manual therapy has on these tissues, as well as the latest pain science.

The RockBlades approach is typically very gentle, and the use of instruments can allow the practitioner to assess and “feel” the patient tissue in a different way.  Participants new to the use of tools are always surprised at the level of tissue information that can be felt through the tools.

The stainless steel RockBlades will last a lifetime!

Did you know that you can package the RockBlades and Mohawk sets together and get the courses for free?  Click this link for more information. 

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to IASTM and the RockBlades philosophy
  2. “Driver Education”- using the various tool edges and grips
  3.  Exploring treatment variables - rate and depth
  4. Using fascia as a guides
  5. Examples of use with common pathologies

As is the case with all our courses, the RockBlades course is highly practical.  Most participants will be confident to use the RockBlades with their patients immediately on returning to the clinic.

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RockBlades Course Launceston