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Pain and Pregnancy

  • Clinical Course
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$450 +GST
Date 10 Nov 2018
Time 8:30am-4pm
Address TBA
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Location Melbourne, VIC

Course Description

Presenter: Liz Howard

Pain and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be challenging for a mother’s body before, during and after delivery of her baby. Common presentations include pelvic girdle pain, pelvic neuralgias, neck, rib and low back pain. Some complaints can present many years later, after a difficult delivery, such as prolapse and pudendal neuralgia.

Elizabeth Howard is one of Australia’s leading Osteopaths with experience in treating the pelvis. In this course, Liz will demonstrate how to easily identify the most common presentations and how you can more effectively help women during pregnancy, prepare for labour and recover efficiently from delivery or caesarean section. The course will discuss breastfeeding ergonomics, prolapse and the prevention of future delivery-related complaints.

Liz will also discuss problems related to pelvic mesh products and how these have been managed at the Women’s Health & Research Institute of Australia with Professor Vancaillie

Treatment protocols and techniques demonstrated are based on the latest clinical guidelines for managing pelvic girdle and peripheral neuropathic pain, and the prevention of post-partum complications. You will learn useful self-management tips that women can include in their birth plan and beyond.

Learning outcomes

•             Assessment protocols for common complaints during pregnancy

•             Treatment protocol for pelvic girdle pain for pregnancy and post-partum

•             Treatment principles for pelvic neuralgias (further treatment protocols are demonstrated in  Liz’s Pelvic Masterclass 1 course, 2018 dates    TBA)

•             Principles of post-partum care, including pelvic health, caesarean care, breastfeeding ergonomics

•             Birth plan support with a focus on long-term maternal and child health

•             Update on the controversial pelvic mesh complications and how to help support these women

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Liz Howard

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Pain and Pregnancy