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Microbiome LPS toxins – A causative factor in chronic inflammatory diseases

Microbiome LPS toxins – A causative factor in chronic inflammatory diseases
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  • Clinical Course
CPD 1.5 hours
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Date 29 Aug 2018
Time 7.30 - 9pm AEST

Course Description

Presenter: Dr. Peter McCann

Osteopaths well recognise the role Chronic Inflammation plays in many musculoskeletal conditions. LPS endotoxins from the Gut microbiome are emerging as a major factor in the pathogenesis of many chronic diseases commonly encountered by Osteopaths in clinical practice as co-morbidities to Neuro-musculoskeletal disease. Anti-LPS antibodies offer a novel therapeutic intervention as part of an integrated approach to holistic management of inflammatory conditions impacting on the gut, liver, CNS and brain health of patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Osteopaths will learn about emerging connections of LPS GIT bacterial translocation and chronic disease seen every day in Osteopathic practice.
  • Osteopaths will be updated on knowledge and the latest research linking LPS endotoxins to chronic disease, brain, gut and nervous system health
  • Osteopaths will be given practical clinical guides to incorporate Protectyn Anti-LPS antibodies as a therapeutic intervention in chronic inflammatory management into clinical practice

About Presenter:

Dr Peter McCann has been in clinical practice and an educator for the past 30 years. Practicing as a Naturopath, Chiropractor and Chinese Medicine practitioner he has been principal director in multidisciplinary clinics and worked alongside medical practitioners within medical centres. He has lectured across 3 universities in areas of neurophysiology, research methodology, nutrition and clinical supervision. Dr McCann is currently a consultant and clinical educator to an Australian based biotech company developing oral immunological antibodies for liver disease and gut microbiome. Dr McCann has extensive clinical based experience in MSK medicine providing thermotherapy education to major Australian hospitals and rehab units and health professionals as well being involved in current clinical research in relation to non-pharmacological approaches to back pain and chronic pain syndromes. He is also an educator and consultant to a Australia biotech research company, Immuron that has developed the world’s first in class anti- LPS antibodies IMM124E now in early phase 3 trials as a drug candidate in treatment of NASH.

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Microbiome LPS toxins – A causative factor in chronic inflammatory diseases