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Clinical Assessment of Cervical Nerve Root Syndromes

Clinical Assessment of Cervical Nerve Root Syndromes
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RockTape 1/2 day course - Kinesiology & Sports Taping Seminar

Our half day introduction (level 1) courses are attractive to busy practitioners, and those that are keen to just learn the basic principles of kinesiology taping. This course provides the basics of kinesiology taping: regional taping for pain, taping for swelling and recovery and taping for posture. In addition this course includes an introduction to the concepts of “Fascial Chain Taping”: utilising the benefits of kinesiology taping to tape the muscles associated with a particular activity. For example, linking the muscles of the appropriate kinetic chain, ie lower back, hamstring and calf muscles that make up the posterior chain.

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The RockBades course presents an alternate model for IASTM work- what we define as "Instrument Assisted Neuro Sensory Modulation" or IANSM. This draws from current thinking of the way in which fascia behaves and the influence that manual therapy has on these tissues.
Our IANSM model does not rely on traditional, at times aggressive treatment strategies using instruments, and shows how similar, if not better, results can be achieved with more gentle methods. This enhances patient safety and minimises the potential for adverse treatment effects.

  • Clinical Course

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