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Changes to Health Professionals and Support Services Award

5 September 2013

The changes to the Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010 affect the following:

  • Junior rates of pay: rates are now to be worked out as a percentage (according to age) of the appropriate adult rate.
  • Additional week of annual leave provisions: additional week of annual leave is now only awarded to those employees regularly rostered to work Sundays and public holidays.

For more information view Changes to Health Professionals and Support Services Award (PDF 37 kb) or visit the HR Resource Library.

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Osteopaths are health professionals who are highly trained to treat lower back pain. An osteopath will explain to you why your pain is present, assist to relieve it with manual therapy and identify any barriers to your recovery. During a consultation with an osteopath, your practitioner will first discuss your case and thoroughly assess your condition.

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