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AOA Meets with Department of Human Services on Medicare Compliance

5 March 2014

On Monday 3 March, AOA CEO, Antony Nicholas met with Department of Human Services (Medicare), Health Professionals, Stakeholder and Review Branch but more specifically the Director dealing with debt, appeals & health compliance.


The key issue of concern raised with the Director were the ongoing penalties for osteopaths who are found non-compliant with Medicare Chronic Disease Management items due to inadequately competed GP referrals. The AOA highlighted that an inequity in compliance is evident as the GP is not audited or required to return fees, despite not meeting the referral requirements; however, the osteopath or patient are forced to undertake additional work to achieve a compliance referral, or risk a compliance breach.


The AOA has requested Medicare investigate further, as the gatekeeper role can at times appear a blockage to efficient continuity of care.

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