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Research Findings - Heath Complaints about chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists

12 April 2018

Osteopathy Australia​ supports the need for strong regulation that fosters best practice and high standards. This research demonstrates that the vast majority of osteopaths meet that high benchmark.

This research further demonstrates very low numbers of complaints made about osteopaths. This reinforces the findings of the Kim Snowball review of Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - AHPRA​, which classified osteopathy as of low regulatory concern, in comparison to five other professions which were considered to be of high regulatory need.

The Research also demonstrates that osteopaths continue to have a lower percentage of complaints than 2/3 of the other registered health professions under AHPRA. This has also been demonstrated in several other annual general reports published by AHPRA.

Osteopathy Australia is welcome to such research as it continues to demonstrate that Osteopathy continues to be a safe profession where the vast majority of our members maintain high professional standards of care.

It also demonstrates that some special interest groups that have targeted osteopathy with AHPRA complaints should potentially focus their attention on other professions with higher number of complaints are lodged, if they truly want to protect the public.

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Research Findings - Heath Complaints about chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists

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