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Archive 2015

Submission in relation to Private Health Insurance Consultations 2015-16

Osteopathy Australia appreciates the opportunity to participate in this consultation into private health insurance (PHI).

Submission to MBS Review

We are pleased that Osteopathy Australia has been involved in the stakeholder forums (even if we did have to elbow our way in), and pleased to take this opportunity to make a written submission. However, the predisposition of the Department of Health not to invite us—indeed, to say we weren’t welcome due to the size of the room at the Canberra Hyatt—does not bode well for the future of inclusive, multidisciplinary healthcare. In fact, collaborative multidisciplinary care involving allied health practitioners, including care with a preventative health focus, is vital to the sustainability of Medicare. 

Submission to the Department of Industry About Skilled Occupation List 2016

Submission in relation to diagnostic imaging in South Australia

NSW NRAS submission from Osteopathy Australia

This submission provides an opportunity to contribute to an improved coregulatory system, with improved outcomes for patients and practitioners alike. The format of this submission is a blend of observations relevant to the review and the operation of the scheme in NSW, and responses to (some of) the questions posed by the Discussion Paper. 

Submission to Consultation on Reducing Regulation in the Health Portfolio

Osteopathy Australia supports safe and effective health care, and all appropriate regulatory provisions that achieve those ends. This submission is in six parts, covering the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS), the Department of Health, the Department of Human Services, Private Health insurance, regulatory principles in general, and duplication of regulation. 

Correspondence relating to witnessing Statutory Declaration

Submission to Consultation on Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Identifiers: Legislation Discussion Paper

Osteopathy Australia made a detailed submission to the Health Minister's Review of the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record in November 2013, and we have participated in countless consultations over the years, including in person. We support high quality electronic record keeping in healthcare, including within osteopathy. We also support the PCEHR/My Health Record proposal in theory, and we support it in practice with several important caveats. We are frustrated by the current inability of primary care providers within the allied health world to participate fully in the PCEHR system, and we lament the complete absence of repeatedly promised expansion of the system to our members. 

Submission to Osteopathy Board of Australia in relation to the Advertising Bulletin

Submission to WorkCover NSW

Osteopathy Australia appreciates the request for feedback about the proposed Guideline.

Submission to Review of occupations in demand for Queensland Skilled Occupation List

Submission to WorkCoverSA in relation to the Osteopathy fee schedule and policy

Osteopathy Australia welcomes the Return to Work Act 2014, and supports the proposed calculation methodology in principle, in that a three-yearly cycle provides smoothness and fairness to the increases. 

Submission to AHPRA and National Boards regarding Regulatory Principles for the Scheme

We are concerned by the sub-optimal regulation of health practitioners by the National Boards and by AHPRA. Our overall views on this subject are on the record (for example in our submission to the Independent Review of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme). 

Submission to DVA Provider Engagement

Osteopathy Australia appreciates this opportunity to comment on the draft survey and the forthcoming face-­‐to-­‐face consultation workshop. We are also in receipt of correspondence from the Minister for Veterans Affairs about the process.

Submission in relation to the Imaging for Low Back Pain Protocol

We seek to demonstrate that expanded responsible and clinically appropriate diagnostic imaging by Australian osteopaths would provide savings to the Government by ceasing unnecessary GP appointments, while simultaneously improving patient outcomes and access to primary care. 

Submission to the Productivity Commission’s Review of the Mutual Recognition Agreement and the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement

Osteopathy Australia appreciates this opportunity to comment on the issues paper and contribute to the Review.

Pre-Budget Submission

Osteopathy Australia supports the Government’s policy of fiscal discipline, including within the Health portfolio. 

However, we are concerned that:

  • The frozen indexation of the MBS schedule is unfair and unacceptable.
  • The Government has hamstrung vital aspects of national health policy development, especially workforce development, by abolishing important agencies and programs.
  • Patients with treatable chronic diseases are not receiving the cost-effective allied health interventions that would improve their health and save the Commonwealth money.
  • We are concerned that the Government’s replacement of Medicare Locals with Primary Health Networks is being done in a manner that lacks essential focus on (and involvement of) allied health practitioners and their peak bodies.

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