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Andrea Robertson

Andrea was a professional dancer for 12 years, working overseas at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, Son Amar in Spain and Carnival Cruises in the USA.

Andrea Robertson (Osteopath)

Because of this, Andrea treats many dancers and conducts pre-pointe and dance fitness assessments for dancers of all ages. Through this she advises dancers on Pilates based exercise programs to improve technique and strength.

Andrea is trained in Pilates and Yoga and also teaches Xtend Barre classes. 

Meet Dr Andrea Robertson (Osteopath) from Southside Clinic in Adelaide, SA.   

Why did you become an osteopath?

I used to be a professional dancer, and when I was a young ballerina, still at school, I used to see an Osteopath for treatment. All along it was my plan to become an Osteopath AND a dancer. I was very fortunate to succeed in this dream, and combined the two for many years.

What do you enjoy the most about being an osteopath?

I love the fact that Osteopathy, more often than not, really works. I feel really privileged to be part of a profession where we are equipped with fabulous techniques or 'tools' that can bring about such positive changes in many of our patients. It is really rewarding work. I love seeing patients with complex conditions and then finding a way to help them feel better.

What other hobbies or activities do you enjoy outside of Osteopathy?

I am still very involved with dance, and as well as my large Osteopathy clinic, I run two side businesses - two Xtend Barre studios. I teach and also participate in the workout myself a number of times each week. I am an international teacher trainer for Xtend Barre, and am often travelling to teach up and coming new instructors. I am also a qualified Yoga Instructor, and I'm nearly finished in my qualifications to become a Naturopath. One could say I love learning! ;)














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