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Andrew Forbes

Andrew has been a practising osteopath for 20 years. Previously, he worked in the insurance and financial markets in London and Tokyo for 13 years.

Andrew Forbes (Osteopath)

 He divides his time between his private multidisciplinary practice, marketing for a small cooperative of Wagyu breeders, and community volunteer activities in NSW Southern Highlands. He is also an Osteopathy Australia board member, as well as serving on the board for a regional mutual bank.

Meet Dr Andrew Forbes (Osteopath) from Active Therapies in Bowral, NSW. 

Why did you become an osteopath?

I was inspired by my wife, Lucy, who is a physiotherapist. She enjoys her work so much and I wanted a fulfilling and challenging job just like hers, so I re-trained as an Osteopath when I was 29 years old. 26 years later I'm still loving the challenge!

What do you enjoy the most about being an osteopath?

The patients who come back and tell you that you've changed their lives - either in a small way, or sometimes in a big way!

Andrew Forbes - competition paraglider

What other hobbies or activities do you enjoy outside of Osteopathy?

I am a competition paraglider, currently in the Australian squad, and ranked number 16 in Australia and 313 in the world. My ambition is to make the 2019 world championships and fly for Australia!




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