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Barefoot Running Project

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The Barefoot Running Project takes the understanding of barefoot running to a higher level. Conducted by Victoria University in conjunction with Osteopathy Australia (formerly AOA) and BAT Logic, this project looks at injury and performance aspects of barefoot running on the entire body.

Running facts:

  • 80 million + people use running as an exercise in Europe alone.
  • Approximately 36% of the total population aged between 15-65 run.
  • 56-79% of runners continue to get injured each year.

The Barefoot Running Project will explore the effects of shod, minimalist and barefoot running more widely, with a full body focus. With the knowledge from this project, we aim to help prevent and treat injury and aid performance. No similar whole-body analysis on these running styles has ever been conducted.

The Barefoot project will include multiple Masters and PhD studies. The initial studies are focused on the pelvis, lumbar spine and mid-spine/rib regions in the context of global movement.

The study is taking place at the Footscray Park campus of Victoria University (Melbourne).

If you are interested in participating in the study, please contact the Chief Investigator Dr Patrick McLaughlin


About Barefoot Running Project in Sydney Morning Herald: 'Paleo' running: the athlete's foot? 4/6/2014









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