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Bronwyn Baillie

Meet Dr Bronwyn Baillie (Osteopath) from Move Osteopathy, QLD. 

Bronwyn BaillieWhy did you become an osteopath?

I originally wanted to be a lawyer when I left school. I did the best thing ever and took a gap year at a local law firm to get "hands on" in the legal atmosphere. I soon figured out that I wasn't 'helping' and 'supporting' people in the way that I felt was to the best of MY abilities. I applied for a job as a technical chiropractic assistant, massaging patients before the chiropractor would perform their treatment. I felt that the exposure to the manual therapy world was a bit of a calling. I loved the patients, the positive results and being on their health journey. The chiropractor I worked for suggested that I look into studying Osteopathic Medicine (rare advice…I know) and I researched the philosophies, techniques and watched YouTube videos on their practice methods. It was the first time I felt passionate about something, I knew I could make a positive impact on people’s lives and their health. This was the type of 'support' I wanted to give to people on a daily basis, something really fulfilling. The deal was sealed on my first ever Osteopathic Studies class at SCU by Dr Paul Orrock D.O and continued to be sealed along the 5 year journey.

What do you enjoy the most about being an osteopath?

I enjoy the variety of conditions and patients that I treat within the Osteopathic scope. Every day is a whole new kettle of fish and I love not being in a repetitive job, I love the challenges that constantly test my knowledge and that inspire me to research further and expand my learning so that I am always giving my patients quality healthcare. I love being on a journey with the patient to reach their wellbeing goals and sharing what Osteopathy has to offer them specific to their needs. The Osteopathic community is humbling and full of people to turn to for mentorship, direction and support which I have needed as a new graduate and I hope that as an amazing profession that we don't lose that in our rapid growth. 

What other hobbies or activities do you enjoy outside of Osteopathy?

Due to my lack of sewing skills (even a basic hem-much to my mother’s disgust) she has given me her vintage sewing machine and I am learning to make fun designs, but have limited myself to a basic couch cushion cover for now. I really enjoy reading empowering and motivating literature, learning about DoTERRA essential oils and their potential benefits. I also enjoy taking my beach cruiser for a spin along the boardwalk, sometimes I ride past dog parks to watch all the dogs playing because I live in a rental and miss my pets at home (it’s really not as sad as it sounds)…and of course I love a good cappuccino.


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