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Christian Lutz

If you have a funny bone, this man from Maroochydore should be able to find it. This osteopath is also an exciting up-and-comer on the Australian comedy circuit. 

Christian Lutz (Osteopath)

Meet Christian Lutz from Christian Lutz Osteopathy in Bli Bli, QLD.

Christian discovered Osteopathy initially as a patient himself whilst training as an elite athlete. Osteopathy helped him overcome injury and led to a passion and interest in the field, before he graduated from RMIT in 2004. Christian has also been a clinical teacher at both VUT (Melbourne) and Southern Cross University (Gold Coast).

Although he has always found a bit of light relief useful with patients during his 12 years in osteopathy, comedy is a relatively recent addition to Christian's resume.

"Initially, it was just a hobby after being given a weekend comedy course as a birthday present,” he said.

The course was supposed to conclude with participants doing a five-minute set in front of family and friends but after a booking mistake, they ended up performing in front of a crowd of 150-200 at a pub.

Christian described the experience as "terrifying” but it was not enough to deter him.

"It made my next five minutes of open mic pretty easy,” he said.

With every performance Christian has become more addicted to being a gag man.

He made the state finals of Triple J's RAW national comedy competition and performed in the United States.

After experiencing some tough times personally through a relationship breakdown, he has channelled his energies into his comedy, and made the cut for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival line-up that took place from March-April this year

The father-of-two schedules performances around caring for his two children on a 50-50 basis with his ex and said a lot of his comedy was about parenting and day-to-day life.

"I think it's been a bit of a healing process for me to kind of make light of some of the situations I've found myself in,” he said.

Check out Christian’s Facebook page for upcoming gigs. 

Christian at the Comedy Lounge











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