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Classified Tips

Tips for Members when placing a recruitment advert on the Osteopathy Australia website.

In Australia recruiting for an osteopath is becoming increasingly competitive. Until more streamlined processes are in place for overseas entrance into Australia, retaining good associates will be important and good retention is often not about percentage share but other less tangible benefits or options.

With an increasing number of clinics and only 100 graduates (approx) a year it is important that all clinics consider how to best retain associates or what benefits will encourage a new associate to work in your clinic, compared to someone else's.

In regional areas or the less osteopath populated states, recruitment can take many months and often requires the applicant to relocate. Below are some tips to help make your classified ad clear and hopefully more appealing. It is important to remember to only offer what you can actually provide.

  1. State clearly what you are looking for: make sure you distinguish between either an Associate, a locum or Partnership Offer etc.
  2. State whether you are looking for a full time, part time or state the number of hours/days per week.
  3. The location of the practice may be an added incentive so state if it is close to a beach; offers a change of lifestyle or an attractive location. This may be a free added bonus in recruiting and for the applicant.
  4. Mention the Practice location such as close to town centre or if more isolated.
  5. State if Reception staff and/or what other services or utilities are provided
  6. Mention if the Practice is busy and if the applicant will be working individually, with a team of other osteopaths or consisting of other Allied Practitioners.
  7. Mention if the need to fill the position is urgent or an immediate start if you need someone quickly.
  8. State if the person is taking on a patient list or will need to build new business; offering an existing list gives a new associate added security or consider options as a list is built.
  9. If you are having difficulties recruiting you may need to consider offering a good remuneration package to attract Osteopaths from other states. Consider what additional benefits such as relocation assistance or things such as team training or team facilities are available. Remember to only offer what you can realistically provide.
  10. Clearly state if there will be a later opportunity to enter a partnership or buy the business.

And remember not to offer anything you cannot reasonably provide and not to use words that are discriminatory (eg. reference to gender)

Osteopathy Australia Advertising options

  • Classified advertisements on the website are free for Osteopathy Australia Members
  • eFlyers can be broadcast to all members (Costs apply)
  • Osteo life advertising (Costs apply)

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