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Instructions for Research Project Grants and Funding

Research Funding Policy 

This policy provides details on the overview, scope and management of funding programs and opportunities supported or undertaken by Osteopathy Australia.

Policy Statement
Osteopathy Australia is committed to provide focused research funding to direct research activities which aligns with the core mission to enhanse and develop osteopathy in Australia. This policy provides the overview of all programs, schemes and grants to be funded by Osteopathy Australia in order to achieve this goal.

The Osteopathy Australia Board (the Board) in its sole discretion reserves the right to modify its Research Funding Policy at any time. The funding of programs associated with Osteopathy Australia and informed by this policy will be managed over a financial year. A substantial amount of measurable research output will be supported by this policy by ensuring appropriate and judicious management of the research funds available.

The Research Committee will keep records on the allocation of funds under this policy and the research output as supported by this policy.

Osteopathy Australia-directed Research Project Funding
Osteopathy Australia may choose at any time to allocate a portion of research funds to support specified research projects undertaken by experienced researchers which align with our research priorities (see the Statement on Research Priorities). Dispersement of these funds will be through a competitive process which will require applicants to propose research projects through an Expression of Interest process associated with a Call for Applications. Dissemination of the available funds for these research opportunities will be reviewed by the Research Committee and recommended to the Board. Final decision to award research funding for a Osteopathy Australia-directed research project will be determined by the Board and based on merit alone. The criteria upon which applications will be judged will be outlined in detail in the Call for Applications.

Advertisement of Calls for Applications for Osteopathy Australia-directed Research Project Funding will take place through academic leaders from osteopathic learning instiutions and the membership database and/or the website at least 30 days prior to submission deadline. Applicants will be notified within 60 days of submission deadline following review by the Research Committee and determination by the Board.

Eligibility for Osteopathy Australia-directed Research Project Funding

  • Only one proposal per applicant will be accepted by the Research Committee for any category of project funding in any Call for Applications round. 
  • An applicant may not apply for more than one proposal during a Call for Applications round. 
  • There are no restrictions on who is listed as a collaborator but all collaborators must be included within the proposal. 
  • If an application has been turned down by the Board the principal investigator is allowed one re-submission of a revised proposal on the same subject. Revised proposals must indicate changes from previous proposals. 
  • Supplementation of funding from other grant sources must be approved by the Board if not described in the original research plan. 
  • Awards from other sources may be approved by the Board if the investigator submits a satisfactory plan to address any budgetary overlap. 
  • The decision to approve the funding and the final amount approved for funding for any research project is at the discretion of the Board and may be less than proposed by the applicant. Such decisions will be made after a recommendation by the Research Committee based upon availability of funds and proposed project scope.
  • Upon Board approval of a research project application, the applicants will be sent an offer of funding outlining the approved amount and any additional terms. The applicants must contact the Board in writing to accept or decline this offer within 14 days of notification.

Payment Schedule
Research funds will be paid to the researcher group within 30 days of notification of application success and evidence of approval from all relevant Human Research Ethics Committees, or via an alternative payment schedule as agreed between Osteopathy Australia and the team of investigators.

Access to Osteopathy Australia facilities and resources for research purposes
Researchers interested in undertaking a research project requiring access to Osteopathy Australia resources or facilities will be considered by the Board on a case-by-case basis. Investigators must submit an Request for Access to Facilities for Research form to the Research Committee.

The application must include:

  • Information about the team of investigators
  • Brief outline of the intended project
  • Resource or facility access required
  • Ethical considerations
  • Expected outcomes and likely audience
  • Timeline for the project
  • Budget and Funding details
  • Resources or facility access required
  • Osteopathy Australia staff required to assist, and the tasks agreed upon
  • Names and details of all people with access to the raw data

Each application will be considered by the Research Committee on its research merit, and if deemed appropriate, will be recommended to the Board. Osteopathy Australia will consider the application based on the value and implication to Osteopathy Australia and by extension the profession of osteopathy in Australia. Decision made by Board. An approval letter will be issued to the team of investigators by the Board.

Unsolicited applications for research funding
Osteopathy Australia is committed to clear and transparent process to underpin the awarding of any funding for research projects devised and directed independent to Osteopathy Australia . In general, we will only fund research project associated with Osteopathy Australia-directed Calls for Research Applications. In very rare circumstances, we may consider funding research outside of these structured funding rounds. Investigators wishing to be funded need to submit a Research Fund Application Form. These applications will be reviewed by the Research Committee based on research significance and methodology. Recommendations from the Research Committee will then be made to the Board. It is at the sole and full discretion of the Board to determine whether funding will be approved. Osteopathy Australia is not obligated to provide detailed reasons should a Research Fund Application not be approved by the Board.

Instructions for Research Project Grants and Funding

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