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Member Benefits

Why be a Member of Osteopathy Australia?

Protect your interests by supporting your professional association. Osteopathy Australia lobbies to gain rights for osteopaths and promote the profession in the media.
Stay in touch with the latest news that affects you. Receive Osteo Life newsletter and eFlyers with news, features, classifieds and more.
Get exposure with a free listing in the Osteopathy Australia 'Find an Osteopath' search engine.
Save money by taking advantage of professional indemnity insurance discounts. Other discounts and free advertising on the Osteopathy Australia classifieds and online locum register.
Advance your career through discounted continuing professional development (CPD), access to online scientific journals and informed advice from Osteopathy Australia members.

“I am a member because I like the sense of unity within the profession when we get together at events like the recent Osteopathy Australia Conference, there’s strength in unity that gives us a national identity.” Greg Mathieson, Osteopathy Australia member    

“I believe a unified and professional body representing our profession is essential for our growth and evolution.”  Melinda Banks, Osteopathy Australia Board Director

“I am a member because it reminds me that I am a part of a unique family. Without the focus and direction of an organisation, I am just a single person treating patients without guidance, help or support .”  Nick Jansen, Osteopathy Australia member

Core Benefits