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Miranda Cox

Miranda has 20 years of experience working in multidisciplinary clinics in Australia, UK and Ireland following her graduation from RMIT.   As a mother of three, her passion is for paediatric and women’s health in order to support families, and it was with this in mind that she established Osteo4kids&adults in 2003.

Miranda Cox (Osteopath)

Meet Dr Miranda Cox, of Osteo4kids&adults, NSW.

Why did you become an osteopath?

I met Denise Cornell and Phillip Tehan as an 18 year old . I was so interested that as physiotherapists they still wanted to become osteopaths . Then they explained why Osteopathy was so important to whole health and complemented Physiotherapy, and I was hooked .

What do you enjoy the most about being an osteopath?

Learning daily from my patients musculoskeletal system about the bodies self regulatory healing ability of the whole . It's also a very fun and rewarding job .


What other hobbies or activities do you enjoy outside of Osteopathy?

I enjoy outdoor activities with my family and friends such bush walking, snow skiing, camping and swimming in rivers .



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