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Managing Your CPD

Keeping a record of your CPD is a mandatory requirement for being a registered osteopath in Australia. The OBA requires you to maintain an up-to-date portfolio of completed CPD activities and keep the records for five years. You must ensure that all activities in the CPD portfolio are described well, so that the following is clearly evident to any reviewer:

  • Type of activity
  • Date
  • Subject/topic
  • Purpose/relevance
  • Number of hours the activity took to undertake (including reasonable breaks but not travel)

We have developed a convenient online CPD Record to help you keep track of your CPD hours. It covers all of the above information and the printed statement will be accepted by the OBA as an acceptable portfolio and declaration of your activities.

Access your online CPD record


Planning your CPD 

Planning your CPD form

The Board allows flexibility to choose from a wide range of CPD activities, but it is important that these are suited to your needs. This table offers examples of CPD activities you may wish to consider. 

The responsibility to choose CPD activities that are relevant to your professional work as an osteopath lies with you. Use your professional judgement to decide what is appropriate. 

The Board may audit your compliance with the CPD registration standard to ensure you meet those requirements. Below are some handy forms that may assist with your CPD progress.

A structured approach to managing your CPD is advised. To ensure that your CPD successfully contributes to effective learning, activities should ideally be planned on the basis of an identifed learning need, relevant to your practice, realistic and achievable. 

Use the Planning your CPD form to help you keep track of your learning objectives and prioritise your CPD activities. 


Evaluating your CPD activities form

Evaluating your CPD activities

After undertaking CPD activities, take a moment to reflect on what you have achieved and how successfully you have addessed your original identified learning needs. Filling out the Evaluating your CPD activities form is a great way to keep detailed notes on your CPD and justify its purpose and relevance should you be audited.