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Bridging the gap between research and osteopathy practitioners, ORION aims to shed light on the day-to-day practice of osteopathy in Australia, including what techniques are used, which patient populations are treated and what outcomes are achieved. This extensive research will provide valuable insight for osteopaths and other health professionals, to gain greater understanding of the osteopathy profession as a whole. The project will spark further sub-studies to greater explore osteopathy education, practice and the future of the profession.

ORION is an opportunity to not just establish the infrastructure and evidence base for osteopathy research in the short term, but also to help grow a sustainable research culture and broad evidence platform for osteopathy into the future. Key to this will be developing a close working relationship with Universities offering osteopathy courses and academics working in osteopathy education and research.

ORION is being undertaken by the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) at the Faculty of Health, University of Technology, Sydney led by Professor Jon Adams. Professor Adams is an experienced health services researcher and Senior Fellow of the Oxford International Research Leadership Program at the University of Oxford. He has also authored 235 peer-reviewed publications since 2000, including Senior Editorship of six international research books. A full list of his extensive activities can be found here.

The project commenced in mid-2015 and took 12 months of development. It has an ORION Steering Committee with a mix of researchers, osteopaths and Osteopathy Australia representative; and have gained ethics approval from the Human Ethics Committee, University of Technology Sydney.

The ORION Questionnaire

On 19 July 2016, the ORION questionnaire was sent to over 1,700 osteopaths around the country. 

It’s important for the rigor and impact of ORION that as many registered osteopaths participate in the initiative as possible.  All osteopaths are eligible for participation and the initial ORION practitioner questionnaire will provide you all with an opportunity to have your say and to ensure your experiences and practices are counted in this world-first project.

Osteopathy Australia can only make headway on many lobbying issues with better data. This project will help protect, promote and enhance the profession. Your participation is vital for its success.


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Latest news

2018 Budget Update

Another year, another budget, another set of broad commitments by the government without a lot of specific benefit for allied health practitioners. On first analysis, there is little that is likely to address out-of-pocket costs and limited access to allied health services for those without the capacity to fund their own care. The following is a snapshot of some budget items that may impact you, your patients, your business or the broader health system.


The Board of Osteopathy Australia hereby advise that the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) has consented to the resignation of the current auditor of Osteopathy Australia, River Rd Audit (formerly trading as YCG). Osteopathy Australia has received the formal resignation letter, dated 4 May 2018.