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Our Anniversary

We are extremely excited to be celebrating the 60 year anniversary of Osteopathy Australia.

Known as the Australian Osteopathic Association up until 2014, our association, and the industry it represents, has transformed since it was incorporated in 1955. Originally run from a home office and reliant on the volunteered assistance of members, the responsibility and capacity of the association has grown exponentially.

Beginning with only a handful of members; today the association represents 90% practicing osteopaths in Australia and more than 300 student osteopaths. By far the greatest milestone for the association was the formation of a national body in 1991; a change that allowed the association to fulfil its true potential as a strong and unified voice for the industry. 

As the peak representative body for all Australian osteopaths, our commitment to enhancing and promoting the profession over the past 60 years has been unwavering. Along with the tireless efforts of Osteopathy Australia’s board members and staff, what we have achieved for the industry would not have been possible without the support and service of so many of our members. To look back over the past 60 years and see how the industry has evolved and grown, earning the title of the fastest growing health profession in Australia, supports the association’s very existence. Despite how far we’ve come, the association has no intention of resting on its laurels. Our vision is that osteopathy will become the manual healthcare of choice for all Australians and a profession backed by evidence, supported by high-quality, university-based education and a culture of ongoing professional development.

Here's to the next 60 years!

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