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Saul Smith

Saul graduated from RMIT University in 2011 after completing a Bachelor and Master degree in Osteopathy. 

Saul Smith (Osteopath)

Since graduating, as well as gaining vast clinical experience and training at one of the most reputable clinics in Melbourne, Saul has gained further qualification in Clinical Pilates, Functional and Biomechanical Assessment and Injury Rehabilitation. Saul has also worked at the Northern Blues Football Club in the VFL.

Meet Dr Saul Smith (Osteopath) from Osteopaths of Ivanhoe, Victoria. 

Why did you become an osteopath?

My passion for Osteopathy was sparked through football injuries as a youngster where I was first exposed to the body's ability to heal and repair under the guide of appropriate treatment and rehabilitation.

What do you enjoy the most about being an osteopath?

It's a privilege to wake up every morning and go to work knowing you can make a difference to other peoples lives. I also love the variety in what comes with being an Osteopath. Everybody's "body" tells a different story.

What other hobbies or activities do you enjoy outside of Osteopathy?

I love watching all sports, cant get enough of reading books and enjoy spending time with the family particularly my new little son Jude, who's my new obsession!







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