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PrioritiesLeadership CommitteeClinical Guidelines

The Sports Clinical Leadership Committee exists to enhance and promote the osteopathic profession and provide support to all members with an interest or desire to grow their clinical capacity or skill in sports practice.

Committee priorities include the following:

External lobbying initiatives

  • Identifying key issues impacting on osteopaths in sports practice to inform Osteopathy Australia’s lobbying and advocacy platform. This includes informing positions, submissions and policy frameworks that promote the roles, positions and strengths of osteopaths. The work of the committee promotes increased participation of osteopaths in sports practice.

Continuing professional development for all members

  • Recommending and developing continuing professional development initiatives in sports practice for members. This includes events, clinical guidelines, web resources, educational resources, case studies and more to support members’ practice in the field.
  • Reviewing emerging research evidence to provide members with guidance on best practice modalities, approaches, techniques and clinical arrangements in sports practice.
  • Developing tools and supports that assist members to comply with external practice requirements in sports practice and any reforms to them.

Coherent CPD pathways for interested members

  • Developing a coherent framework for professional development in sports practice. This will consist of learning platforms, modules and activities for members who wish to participate and be recognised by Osteopathy Australia for clinical excellence in sports. The work of the committee will enable interested members to plan and structure continuing professional development around their career goals and aspirations, or to meet the needs of a primary patient group or groups. It will also enable members to delve into advanced practice, learn and apply skills required to broaden their sports practice.

How can i make a suggestion or find out more?

Members of Osteopathy Australia are welcome to recommend issues for committee consideration or action, or make suggestions about clinical topics, issues and practices they would like to know more about or incorporate into practice.

Members of Osteopathy Australia and interested members of the public are invited to contact Peter Lalli, Policy Officer Clinical Excellence at Osteopathy Australia by phone (02 9410 0099), email ( or the below form.

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