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On this page we will list the latest volunteer options for osteopaths. 

Hands On Health Australia (HOHA) project in India

Integrative Health Immersion Tours are currently set up for next year.

Provider: Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti (JJVS), which translates to People's Awakening and Development Society. Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

JJVS was established in 1985 by a youth group during a time of severe famine and drought. JJVS evolved over a period of time viewing and analyzing poor socio-economic status of the tribal groups in south Rajasthan. By looking at the miserable and poor conditions of these groups, some young and enthusiastic people from the area decided to work for the upliftment of these people and so JJVS was initiated from the village of Vali, situated 55 km from Udaipur.
JJVS has since evolved and now has well established projects involving agriculture sustainability, people'sempowerment, and of course, the preservation of traditional medical systems. As part of the preservation of traditional medicine we have developed a reciprocal learning system where we invite overseas students and practitioners for different modalities to learn and share their knowledge with the Gunis (Traditional Folk Healers). It has been immensely successful and great fun is had by all parties involved.

The Integrative Health Immersion Tours are a great opportunity for JJVS to showcase our work in the promotion of local health workers, Gunis, and to expose traditional tribal practices to a broader international audience. The tour involves visiting Traditional Medicine Facilities, Medicinal Forestry Tours, general sightseeing, and several village visits to Guni clinics around Udaipur. Participants are invited to interact and exchange knowledge with the Gunis and staff whilst learning about the health concerns and traditional treatment practices, such as bone-setting and herbal prescriptions, that currently exist in the area. Participants will also be involved in several health camps during the tour and are invited to exchange knowledge and treatments to Gunis and patients. This exchange runs directly in line with JJVS’s mandate to provide the best care for patients by offering a range of integrative health options.

JJVS’s work is spread over 130 villages in selected tribal blocks of Southern Rajasthan. We have 20 full-time employees and several part-time staff, with field knowledge and specialization in Agriculture, Ayurveda, Myotherapy, Forestry & Environmental sciences, Finance, and more. Most of our team members have 20-25 years of grass-root experience working amongst the community. We have a well-furnished administrative office and guesthouse in Udaipur and 3 field offices with basic facilities.

If you have any inquiries please contact Alexandra Curd:
+91 77260 73039