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Introduction to Eating Disorders, for Osteopaths
21 August 2018
The National Eating Disorders Collaboration

Living with chronic pain
22 November 2017
Professor Michael Nicholas

Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
5 September 2017
Dr Aamer Aziz

Natural Pain Management
13 August 2017
Gerald Quigley, Pharmacist and Master Herbalist

Malpractice Risk Prevention in Clinical Practice
26 May 2017
Allan Terrett

Mandatory topic: Record keeping, Risk management

Clinical Record Keeping – Maintaining legally adequate records in real-world practice
9 May 2017
Brian Nicholls

Mandatory topic: Record keeping, Risk management

Clinical Considerations of the Lymphatic System
27 April 2017
Prue Eddie, BApSc (Comp Med) M Osteo, Grad Cert Neo Paed Man Ther

An Overview of Common Pain Medication
18 April 2017
Kellie Saunders, BPharm AACPA MPS

An Osteopathic Approach to Children 2-5 Years of Age
30 March 2017
Julie Fendall, DO MOstSc(Paeds)

The enormous cost of not listening to our patients
16 March 2017
Oscar Trimboli

Mandatory topic: Effective communication

PRP and Stem Cells in Sports Medicine
28 February 2017
Dr Peter Lewis

Common Knee Injuries - My Management Algorithm
9 February 2017
Dr Sol Qurashi, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon (FRACS)

Move more, Sit less: why and how
8 September 2016
Professor Stuart Biddle

SuperPATH,the Future of Hip Replacements
11 August 2016
Dr Sol Qurashi Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon (FRACS)

The Shoulder: a Surgeon's Perspective
12 April 2016
Dr. Manish Gupta, MBBS FRACS FAOA

Effective Management of Adult Scoliosis
22 March 2016
Azharuddin Fazalbhoy, Discipline Head of Osteopathy at RMIT

A Consideration of Red and Yellow Flags in Paediatric Osteopathy
9 February 2016
Dr Denise Cornall PhD, Osteopath and Physiotherapist

Antilipidemics and Their Use in Treatment of Hyperlipidemias; Current Therapy Guidelines and the Common Adverse Effects
26 November 2015
Maja Husaric, College of Health & Biomedicine, Victoria University

Effective Management of Patients with Scoliosis
30 July 2015
Azharuddin Fazalbhoy