Studying Osteopathy

If you complete the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE), and if you have achieved the required ATAR Course Entry Requirements, you are eligible to study osteopathy. You will need to study for a minimum of four years full time to complete your university qualification. When you graduate, you will be eligible for registration with the Osteopathy Board of Australia and/or the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand.

Approved courses are accredited by the Australasian Osteopathic Accreditation Council.

Osteopathy is practiced worldwide; however, regulation, education and government requirements vary. Useful information on other countries is found on the Member Organisations page of the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA).

Osteopathic programs are offered at:

Student osteopaths are eligible for membership of the Student Osteopathic Medicine Association (SOMA). When you start studying Osteopathy, we also offer our FREE Student Membership to start your association journey with Osteopathy Australia! Please read the SOMA and Student Membership pages for more information.

Osteopaths continue learning after registration. All registered health professionals must maintain and develop their skills in practice. Osteopathy Australia supports members in their lifelong learning by offering professional development activities. Many osteopaths undertake other qualifications while in practice.

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RMIT's Osteopathy degree offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the Bundoora Campus. The osteopathy degree provides you with the knowledge and skills to enter the professional osteopathy master program. To practice as an osteopath in Australia, the Master of Osteopathy must also be completed.

Osteopathy at RMIT offers a Bachelor enabling students to register as an Osteopath in Australia (subject to accreditation):

Please view our university experience videos below, featuring members Luke McCarney (former student and Azharuddin Fazalbhoy (RMIT Course Leader)


The Southern Cross University's School of Health & Human Sciences Osteopathy program offers students a pathway towards professional registration as an osteopath.

Southern Cross University seeks to graduate Osteopaths who demonstrate a range of capabilities for primary health care including commitment to health promotion and illness prevention, the ability to adapt their practices to meet the health and wellbeing needs of individual patients and to address prevailing social and community health concerns.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in osteopathy, a minimum of four years of education and training is required. The first component is the three year Bachelor of Clinical Sciences with a double major in Osteopathic Studies and Human Structure and Function. The second component is a two year Master of Osteopathic Medicine.

Please view our university experience videos below, featuring members Georgia Page (current 4th year student) and Paul Orrock (SCU Course Leader)


 Victoria University offers a double-degree program that includes: 

VU offers one of only three of these accredited double degree programs in Australia. Core studies include anatomy, osteopathic science, physiology and biochemistry. As a student, you will undertake fieldwork and clinical practice to prepare you for your osteopathy career.

Please view our university experience videos below, featuring members Nicola Stevens (former student) and Gary Fryer (VU Course Leader)


Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship

These scholarships will provide Aboriginal or Torres Strait students of Osteopathy a grant of up to $15,000 per annum for the usual duration of their course.

To apply please see the Australian College of Nursing website or contact the scholarships team on 1800 688 628 or

Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH)

Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) administers the Allied Health Streams of the Nursing and National Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme (NAHSSS). Funding is provided by the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) and this national program supports health professionals and future health professionals to train and practice in geographic and clinical areas of need. The specific objectives of the NAHSSS are to:

  • Increase the workforce by encouraging young people to pursue a career in allied health.

  • Support allied health professionals to undertake continuing professional development.

  • Encourage health careers in geographic areas and professions where there are shortages.

SARRAH manages five allied health scholarship streams under the NAHSSS.

For further information on these scholarships please visit the SARRAH website.

Continue your osteopathic education through postgraduate research or clinically related taught Masters level courses.

Masters by research and PhD programs are available at both RMIT University and Victoria University.

There are a wide range of inter-disciplinary Masters programs that are relevant to practising osteopaths.

Osteopathy Australia Partners

We work with these complementary key organisations as an essential part
of providing high quality healthcare for Australians.

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