Research Committee


As a professional association Osteopathy Australia is engaged in a diverse range of activities; however, all activities have an overarching goal to enhance and promote osteopathy. 

High quality university education and training provides academics, osteopaths and graduates who work in a variety of health care settings.  The research areas included in our research priorities needs to be equally broad and encompass clinical issues beyond technique or treatment efficacy. 

With limited funds and multiple competing requests, clear priorities in research for Osteopathy Australia will inform our research policy and the all future funding. In doing so, this ensures the direction of research supported by us is consistent with the broader aims of the Osteopathy Australia’s research strategy and supports the place of the osteopathy in higher education and health care.

The Research Committee shall advise Osteopathy Australia on research policy and on the development of strategies to promote research and scholarship in osteopathy.  In addition, it shall have delegated responsibility for reviewing the scientific worth, validity and proposed methodology of research proposals. 

The Research Committee will recommend such research proposals to the Osteopathy Australia Board for consideration.  The Research Committee shall report on its meetings and activities to the Board.


  • At least one (1) and a maximum of two (2) members from the Osteopathy Australia Board (one to be Chairperson).
  • At least one (1) and a maximum of two (2) members of the research community in a tertiary education environment outside of an Australian osteopathic learning institution.
  • At least one (1) and a maximum of two (2) members with research experience within tertiary education environment in an osteopathic learning institution. These members must be willing to liaise with the other institutions and are not appointed as a representative of their university.
  • The Osteopathy Australia Chief Executive Officer

Period of Office

Appointed members shall normally serve on the Research Committee for a term of two (2) years.  Members may serve consecutive terms.


A quorum for meetings of the Research Committee shall be half the membership (at the time), plus one and an Osteopathy Australia Director must always be in attendance.

Terms of Reference

The Research Committee shall be directly responsible to the Osteopathy Australia Board and will have the following functions:

  • Develop a comprehensive and transparent research funding policy and processes.
  • Review the scientific worth, validity and proposed methodology of research proposals to be conducted by Osteopathy Australia, in collaboration with Osteopathy Australia, or using Osteopathy Australia’s resources
  • Maintain a register of approved research projects
  • Monitor the progress of approved research projects in accordance with the agreed requirements in order to ensure that research is conducted in accordance with the Osteopathy Australia’s approval of the research
  • Make recommendations on future strategic planning and policy directions for research and the development funding models
  • Recommend opportunities for liaison with external bodies, research funding bodies and Journal editors etc. for the advancement and recognition of research within osteopathy
  • Develop an annual plan for research activity, particularly in relation to research proposals,  and report on its activities in timeframes as set by the Board
  • Provide advice to the Board on the development of the research culture and profile of osteopathy and Osteopathy Australia.

Where requested by Osteopathy Australia, the Research Committee may also:

  • Develop and review Osteopathy Australia’s research policies and procedures framework in line with the identified research priorities
  • Make recommendations on budget and resource requirements to support research and scholarship activities of Osteopathy Australia
  • Represent Osteopathy Australia’s research interests and/or liaise with external stakeholders on behalf of Osteopathy Australia

Alternate Chairperson

In the absence the Chairperson, the alternative Osteopathy Australia Director will act as an alternative Chairperson.

Meeting Schedule

The Research Committee shall meet four (4) times a year, normally before meetings of the Board. Annual meeting dates will be scheduled in advance, with committee input, and planned around core grant dates and the academic year.  Additional meetings may be scheduled on a needs basis to enable the Committee to discharge its duties.

Meeting Procedures

For the purpose of this Committee policy and associated procedures, “meeting” shall include a meeting conducted face-to-face, by telephone (teleconference) or by audio visual means.

External stakeholders of Osteopathy Australia may request the opportunity to address the Research Committee at any time and this request will be considered and approved by the Chair.

Review and Reference

Terms of Reference and the functioning of the Research Committee will be subject to review at least every two years by the Board to ensure that it is operating effectively, fulfilling its functions and reviewed for continuing relevance.  Each year the Research Committee will undertake a self-evaluation of performance.  Areas requiring further attention in the following year will be highlighted to the Board.

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