Understanding the NDIS

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Presenter: Shane I'Anson BSci.,BSW.,DipEd.,DipBioMed.
Independent/Specialist Support Coordinator

For the following webinar, you will learn:

  • the DOs and DON'Ts when putting evidence together for a plan-manager to approve services given by an osteopath for a participant with specific support plan goals.

  • how to reflect a capacity development approach over a health care symptom approach in planning clinical interventions for participants.

  • what makes a good NDIS progress/update report - what should you include to inform the scheme of outcomes and help the patient remain connected to allied health services/osteopathy services that benefit to them.

About Shane:

Shane’s passion for disability commenced at a young age having experienced disability and personal educational disadvantage. This though has been no barrier in him helping others to see their potential, becoming a qualified social worker and educator.

His qualifications and professional experience in social/community welfare, disability, education and health span over a decade, working across several areas including community-based organisations, government departments/agencies and schools in clinical and non-clinical roles. He also has extensive experience within the Forensic environment having worked as a Senior and Specialist Practitioner within Corrections Victoria over many years.

Shane is currently a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) student at Victoria University with a particular clinical interest in special populations including aging and disability, with further research interest surrounding the attitudes/beliefs of health systems, health practitioners working with these often complex populations and health promotion.

When he is not studying, he spends his time as an Independent/Specialist Support Coordinator within the National Disability Insurance Scheme. As a Support Coordinator, his role is to help participants bring their NDIS plans to life and work on their capacity building. Shane works with some of the most complex participants connected with the scheme, many of which have multiple and complex psychosocial, medical, physical and/or intellectual disabilities and sometimes all of the aforementioned. Shane adopts a holistic approach when supporting and empowering individuals and their families to make decisions about their lives and futures' in his role. He works within a multidisciplinary model alongside many other allied health professionals including Physiotherapists, OTs, Speech Pathologists and many others.

He is a dedicated and competent practitioner with a wealth of knowledge from his experience of disability and the NDIS, and is always happy to share this knowledge of what can be a confusing and overwhelming system for participants, their carers and allied health professionals alike.

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