An osteopathic approach to treating pregnant patients

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Presenter: Daniela Aiello and Ash Bolton

Working in a predominantly obstetric osteopathic clinic, the presenters are frequently asked by many of their fellow osteopaths how to safely and confidently approach ‘the pregnant patient’. Many osteopaths fear the pregnant patient and this webinar aims to provide them with a better understanding of their role as primary health practitioners. Osteopaths have the privilege to support and educate their patients throughout their pregnancy, providing them with confidence and reassurance. There is no need to fear the pregnant woman – they are really not that scary!

The webinar will cover the following:

  • How to take a thorough history, emphasising red flags not to be missed, and when to refer

  • A brief anatomy of the pelvis and common terminology associated with pregnancy

  • Common presenting conditions of the pregnant patient in practice (pelvic girdle pain, low back pain, prognosis and prevalence of these conditions in the general pregnant population)

  • Managing pain and impaired musculoskeletal function in pregnancy and our important role in helping to alleviate their pain 

  • The importance of appropriate exercises, belts, ergonomic pillows, and tips to avoid aggravation

  • Practical consideration when having the pregnant patient on your treatment table (safe positioning and patient comfort)

  • How to apply osteopathic principles when formulating a treatment plan

  • Drawing awareness to the biopsychosocial issues that the patient faces throughout their pre and post pregnancy journey

  • How to liaise and work alongside the other health professionals surrounding the pregnant patient

About Presenters:

Daniela became a qualified and registered Osteopath in 2003 after graduating from RMIT University.  She immediately gravitated towards pregnant women and worked extensively to further her knowledge and skill set. With now 17 years of experience Daniela works confidently in the assessment and management of many complaints associated with pregnancy, including pubic symphysis dysfunction, pelvic pain and lower back pain. In 2009 she founded Bulleen Osteopathy and surrounds herself with exceptional osteopaths and reception staff who show compassion.

Ash has completed her Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and Masters in Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University. She has had invaluable experience treating in rural areas of Victoria which has allowed her to experience firsthand and treat a large variety of bodily complaints, morbidities and injuries. Ash treats a vast array of ages and has a keen interest in osteopathy's role in obstetrics.

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