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Healthy prospects for Osteopaths

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Sunday, 15 November 2020

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Sunday, 15 November 2020


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Sunday, 25 October 2020

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Thursday, 3 September 2020

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Tuesday, 5 August 2020

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eBubble Life Digital Magazine

28 May 2020

Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

by Jason Stone



21 July: Osteopathy Australia to launch mentoring project in August

Osteopathy Australia has commenced a multi-stage project which seeks to address, the long-held desire expressed in the profession for a mentoring structure osteopaths can trust. In the first phase of the project, through consultation with a range of stakeholders, Osteopathy Australia will be developing an educational resource whereby clinics and clinicians will be able to upskill and run effective mentoring for new graduates, early career osteopaths and osteopaths looking for professional or personal development. Once osteopaths successfully complete the mentoring educational pathway, they will be recognised as an accredited mentor.

Read Full News Release

15 May: Is your professional indemnity insurance correct & current?

With all the chaos and changes recently, don't let an oversight ruin your practice. Each year we have a few people call about this....afterwards!

Many people may have reduced hours, cover etc to reduce costs, as you go back to practice - so PLEASE don't forget to update your cover.

Ultimately, only you as an individual are responsible to make sure your insurance is current, covers you, your hours and scope of practice.

Don't let an oversight de-register you as highlighted by Meridian Lawyers: A warning to health practitioners: is your professional indemnity insurance in place?

15 May: Osteopathy Australia Launches Paediatrics eLearning modules!

Who were the Subject Matter Experts for the modules? We worked in partnership with The Department of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health at the Ara Institute of Canterbury - a vibrant, progressive, government-funded institute providing world-class, tertiary-level education.

Will there be any more Paediatric modules? Yes, further modules will be produced in the coming months.

How can I find out more information and / or purchase the modules? Visit our Paediatrics eLearning page

14 May: Provider numbers if working for a community based aged care outreach service

If you work for an accredited aged care provider that offers services to eligible older people allocated a CAPS or Home and Community Care Package, you do not need a provider number for every home you visit. You will only need one provider number for the physical address of the outreach service (ie where billing occurs from).

14 May: eLearning - NEW MODULES!!

It's exciting times in the space of eLearning, with more than 15 NEW modules to be released over the coming 3 months, including in Paediatrics, Well-Being, Mentoring and Risks and Contraindications for Exercise Prescription.

Our first 4 NEW modules (and FREE for members) are around “Well-Being in Times of Crisis.”

With COVID-19 following bushfires and drought, we are being stretched further than we can ever remember. Working together with Brett Wiener, we have created 4 short, mobile-friendly modules around the personal qualities of savouring and gratitude, the importance of sleep, and strategies to build positive organisations. These modules are based on a mixture of evidence-based theory and interventions from positive, humanistic and social psychology.

Check out the new courses

Stay tuned for further updates as new content is released. Two Paediatric modules are coming very soon......

12 May: Celebrating our newly titled Advanced Pain Management Osteopath (tertiary) and Advanced Occupational Health Osteopath (vocational)

Please join us in congratulating Elizabeth Howard, our newly titled an Advanced Pain Management Osteopath (tertiary) and Heath Williams, Australia's first Advanced Occupational Health Osteopath (vocational).

Heath performed an important service for all of us by agreeing to give the vocational recognition model a good old-fashioned trial! Why is this important? Well, not every osteopath has a university degree in the area of practice they want Advanced Practice Recognition titling for...making the vocational recognition pathway option an ideal solution. And with Heath's successful trial completed, we're rolling out vocational pathways across all areas across July 2020.

If you're interested in finding out more about Advanced Practice Recognition and the best pathway for you, please visit our Clinical Practice Group information page. 

Join us in giving these two skilled champions a round of applause!

11 May: New Resource - Department of Veterans Affairs' arrangements during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Read the update from the Department of Veterans Affairs

Visit our Coronavirus webpage for all links/resources to DVA, Telehealth and DVA Telehealth Fee Schedules.

Postponed: Osteopathy Healthcare Week 2020 

18 March 2020

Osteopathy Awareness Week (OAW) was scheduled to run from 14-17 April this year, in partnership with the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA).

Osteopathy Australia has carefully considered our options and decided the timing isn't right, and that promotion of this key community awareness event would be lost in a barrage of pandemic information. Coronavirus or not, we will continue to promote osteopathy through our regular channels, via our website, social platforms and subscriber-only eNews Updates. You can sign up to any of these via your Member Dashboard or direct request to the relevant social channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn).

Read Statement Osteopathy Healthcare Week 2020

Questions? Please email or phone us at Osteopathy Australia on (02) 9410 0099.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Information Hotline

13 March 2020

Did you know that you can ring the Australian Government's Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080? Please feel welcome to call this line if you need information or advice on coronavirus. The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week! 

Visit Australian Government's Coronavirus website

Are you an Osteopathy Australia member? Visit our Coronavirus website

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Information / Website Summary 

11 March 2020

Osteopathy Australia relies on public health updates from the Australian Government in relation to ‘Coronavirus’ – properly named COVID-19. As we all know, the Federal Government is regularly updating Australians on day-by-day changes if and when these occur. In the first instance, if you are looking for guidance on what to do:

  • Stay tuned to your regular news channel for major announcements by the Prime Minister and the Federal Department of Health and your State/Territory for state-based instructions.

  • The Department of Health and relevant state/territory office will issue instructions regarding any required shutdown and / or changes to existing clinical health procedures. 

  • Consider signing up to an official health update (digital) – such as ABC Health Updates, which is produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. You can opt-out of any update by selecting Unsubscribe.

What can you and your team do right now?

  • Get together, identify what you need to do and formalise a plan of action!

  • Update your business email signature with new clinic opening hours or availability (if applicable).

  • Go to Australian Government Health websites and download information posters to put up in your clinic or workplace.

  • Add a link on your business website re-directing traffic to the Government websites for coronavirus updates.

  • Reinforce the use of preventative measures to limit the spread of the virus, such as handwashing and hygiene.

  • Ensure your clinical and non-clinical staff maintain high-quality infection control principles.

  • Know the signs of coronavirus (COVID-19) and keep an eye out for changes.

  • Consider advising patients to reconsider/delay treatment if they've travelled to internationally known hot spots recently, or if they have flu-like symptoms.

Australian Government Health Websites

NB. The information on these websites is subject to extremely rapid change, so you may need to visit these websites multiple times daily.

Commonwealth Department of Health:

Health NSW:

NSW Health offers key coronavirus information, including FAQ’s and sub-sections relating to preventative action, what do to for home isolation, and specific updates on work/home/school travel information, etc

Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria:

Victoria Health has developed targeted coronavirus information for different groups, including members of the public, health practitioners and offers downloadable promotional material which you can use for your clinic.

ACT, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland

If you live and work in any of these states/territories, please visit your state's Department of Health website. Note. Some States/Territories are redirecting all traffic to the Commonwealth Department of Health sites. Some states/territories have also developed very specific posters, resources and other tools, including collateral targeted towards Indigenous communities.

From the Regulator: Changes to mandatory notifications requirements in effect from 1 March

3 March 2020

Amendments to the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (National Law) requirements on mandatory notifications came into effect on 1 March 2020. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) and National Boards believe that it is important all health practitioners understand what the changes mean, and to encourage them to get the help and support they need. The amendments apply in all states and territories except Western Australia and affect the mandatory reporting obligations for treating practitioners. Treating practitioners are registered health practitioners who treat other health practitioners as patients.

The threshold for reporting a concern about impairment, intoxication and practice outside of professional standards has been raised. The threshold is now reached when there is a substantial risk of harm to the public.

Read Full Media Release

Visit AHPRA Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) website.

New resources are now available, including three new videos for practitioners, students and psychologists.

Listen AHPRA podcast 'A new look at mandatory notifications'

‘In early March 2020, amendments to the legislation on mandatory notifications came into effect. This presents a unique and important opportunity to talk about their impact on public safety and health practitioners. Susan Biggar and Tash Miles speak to Dr Andy Tagg, an emergency medicine physician,  Dr Caroline Johnson, a GP and registrar support and progress coordinator, and Ms Kaye Frankcom, a clinical and counselling psychologist. Listen to them discuss what mandatory notifications mean for treating practitioners and their practitioner-patients. Most importantly, the guests emphasise the importance of all practitioners seeking help without fear of being reported, especially as the new amendments raise the threshold for when a mandatory notification is needed.’

Media Enquiries: Call AHPRA Media line on 03 8708 9200 or Email

ALERT: Treating family members or business partners under private health insurance?

Please be reminded that nearly all private health insurance funds have rules that exclude family members, business partners (and the dependents of your business partners) from claiming rebates if treated by you.

Read Fact Sheet Managing Risks of Treating Family, Friends and Staff

Visit our Claims and Rebates page

AIHW Releases Key National Health Data

14 February 2020

The AIHW has released a new National Primary Health Care Data Asset…Learn how this information benefits you.

The AIHW is developing a National Primary Health Care Data Asset. The purpose of this Data Asset is to gain a better understanding of the patient’s journey and experiences within the primary health care system. This includes their reason for an encounter with a clinician, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.  In time this may be a useful resource to capture the role of osteopathy in data.  

Get the National Primary Health Care Data Asset Report

OA Strategic Planning for Allied Health

14 February 2020

What happened at our Strategic Planning for Allied Health session...and what does this have to do with Greg Hunt?

Through partnership and leadership roles in Allied Health Professions Australia, OA recently engaged in strategic planning and prioritising session for core lobbying issues that we share with many others within allied health. In the next few weeks, we’re meeting with the Hon. Greg Hunt MP, Federal Health Minister - to inform his agenda for health workforce planning. This advocacy is vital, as Australian osteopaths are still awaiting the outcome of the MBS Review and the new rollout of the primary and preventative healthcare reviews.  

Why not get recognised? Yes, we mean you!

14 February 2020

Did you know that getting involved with Advanced Practice Recognition helps OA osteopaths demonstrate skills excellence?

Advanced Practice Recognition is about demonstrating excellence in the skills you might need to best support particular patient groups and clients serviced by particular schemes, like the NDIS. Various schemes across Australia are also actively working with Osteopathy Australia and other parties to identify ways of ensuring clients receive the most appropriate care for return to work and community participation.

Advanced Practice Recognition allows you to:

  • Demonstrate excellence in rehabilitation and functional support

  • Become professionally titled

  • Be publicly recognised

  • Promote your capacity to give an enhanced contribution to scheme clients.

Osteopathy Australia hears that government partners are planning to work in enhanced ways with health professionals who have further ‘demonstrated skills’. Advanced Practice Recognition can position you to increase your clinical practice with approved scheme clients into the future. For 2020, we will debut new Advanced Practice Recognition arrangements covering Exercise Rehabilitation; Occupational Health; and a second pathway to recognition in Pain Management. All streams are focused on demonstrating skills excellence beyond the general osteopathic scope of practice and remember, you need to become a member of Osteopathy Australia to take advantage of our Advanced Practice Recognition offering.

Bushfire Recovery and Assistance

07 January 2020

Osteopathy Australia has collated a range of quick links for various support services, assistance or places to donate.

View the Osteopathy Australia Bushfire Links Sheet

The Wealth in Good Health

09 December 2019

Published in eBubble Life Magazine, Issue 25

Osteopathy has been included in the Victorian Rural Allied Health Support Program

08 November 2019

Osteopaths are now accepted within the Victorian Department of Health and Human Service’s Rural Allied Health Development Grants Program.

This program provides relocation grants and funding to health professionals relocating to rural locations to provide high demand health services.

This gives osteopaths a publicly funded opportunity to move beyond metropolitan Melbourne and distribute services to rural and regional people in need.

View Grants Program Guidelines

Osteopathy Australia to launch new courses this October

01 October 2019 

Osteopathy Australia is launching a new e-learning portal on Monday, 21 October, with specially designed up-to-date courses written by some of the top people in allied health.

Seven topic areas will be launched initially, with many more to be offered in the future.

“Osteopathy is one of the fastest growing health professions in Australia, and we want to ensure practitioners keep that extra edge to thrive for their entire careers,” said Peter Tzanis, who manages Education at Osteopathy Australia.

The courses will be accessible through and include Pain Management, Caring for the Clinician, Critical Appraisal of Research, Prevalent Sports Injuries and Exercise Rehabilitation.

Read Full Media Release

The life impact of chronic pain 

22 July 2019

Whilst invisible, pain is very real for the 6.9 million Australians living with musculoskeletal conditions. Whilst debilitating, the reality is that without pain management, a third (34%) of Australians who are impacted by chronic pain, will develop mental health conditions.

Musculoskeletal pain is the leading cause of disability for a third (28%) of Australians which leads to a feeling comparable to burning or tingling, leaving those living with pain unable to work, sleep or even walk.

In support of National Pain Week, Osteopath and Pain Educator, Dr Elizabeth Howard talks about the impacts of pain on the whole body.

Read Full Media Release

The new capabilities for osteopathic practice 

20 June 2019

The new capabilities for osteopathic practice (2019) can now be viewed on the Osteopathy Board of Australia’s website

We encourage osteopaths to get to know the new capabilities before they come into effect 1 December 2019.

Osteopathy Board of Australia Chair Dr Nikole Grbin said, "We have decided to publish the capabilities before they come into effect to allow time for osteopaths and other stakeholders to prepare for their introduction and easily transition from the existing capabilities." 

Read Full Media Release from Osteopathy Board of Australia (OBA) and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Active pain management winning over Australians

14 April 2019

Pain associated with the musculoskeletal system impacts one in three Australians, and while chronic pain is the most common reason that people seek medical help, it remains one of the most misunderstood areas of healthcare.

Chronic pain can disrupt the quality of life and become debilitating. A third of patients who experience chronic pain (31%) will experience higher levels of psychological distress, one in five (20%) will suffer from depression and the probability of early retirement because of pain-related disability increases by 40%.

Osteopath and Osteopathy Australia member, Dr Michelle Funder says, “Chronic pain can affect people of all ages, races and genders and one in five GP consultations involves a patient suffering from chronic pain.

By looking at the underlying causes of chronic pain along with individual lifestyle factors, Osteopaths can create a personalised and holistic treatment plan. During Osteopathy Awareness Week (14–20 April), Osteopathy Australia is encouraging Australians to seek relief by opting for non-medicated treatments and to #GiveOsteoAGo.

Read Full Media Release

Osteopathy is on the rise

7 March 2019

Osteopathy is now ranked as one of the fastest growing healthcare professions in Australia, and it is not slowing down any time soon - why would it?

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) statistics show that in 2017-18, the osteopathy profession grew by 7.1%. The profession now generates over $300 million for Australia’s economy every year and treats over 300,000 Australians a month. It is clear that osteopathy is on the rise.

Read Full Media Release

Don't let pain be your travel bug this holiday season

10 December 2018

With some of the best holiday destinations in Australia and abroad, requiring hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres of travel - it’s no wonder the commute from home to your holiday destination is often the most dreaded part of the experience, especially if you are suffering from acute neck or back pain.

With help from osteopath, Connie Petousis, here are some top tips that may help alleviate pain while travelling for long periods and make the experience far more bearable this holiday season.

Read Full Media Release

National Safe Work Month 

01 October 2018

Stand up for your health this OCTOBER and support #safeworkmonth!

Supporting October’s National Safe Work Month, Osteopathy Australia is encouraging Australians to incorporate simple movements such as stretching, standing up, walking meetings, changing postures regularly and micro-breaks into their working day to reduce the risk of developing a chronic pain problem, or a work-related musculoskeletal complaint. 

For more information around Osteopathy Australia's involvement and support of National Safe Work Month, please email

Read Full Media Release

Lower back pain and Osteopathy

5 July 2018

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints seen by a GP or healthcare professional. It is estimated that over 80% of Australians will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain may be acute (new pain) or chronic (longstanding pain), and it can range from mild and annoying to severe and debilitating.

There are numerous things which may cause or contribute to the development of lower back pain. Science has allowed us to understand how pain as a sensation works, therefore (except in certain circumstances) the new consensus amongst osteopaths, doctors, scientists and other health professionals is that the old advice of resting, avoiding activity and using strong medication does not have to be your first option.

Read Full Media Release

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