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At Osteopathy Australia, we are committed to supporting research that advances the profession. To assist researchers, we are running an online Q&A session where you can ask any questions relating to the 2021 Osteopathy Australia grant round and application process. In attendance will be: Shamona Eaves - Senior Research and Project Officer for Osteopathy Australia & Georgia Ellis – Osteopath, Osteopathy Australia Director and Chair of the Osteopathy Australia Research Committee.
Time & Date: 6pm-7pm AEST, 11th of August 2021 Click here to join via Teams

Applications for the 2021 Osteopathy Australia Research Grant Scheme are now OPEN. The Osteopathy Australia Research Grant Scheme aims to promote, encourage, and support research that advances osteopathy.

For this round of funding, Osteopathy Australia is offering project and seeding grants. 

Seeding grants are valued at up to $5000 each. Seed funding is granted for research projects that can achieve a tangible outcome within 12 months of receipt of grant funds.

Project grants are valued at up to $12,500 each. Project funding is granted for research projects that can achieve a tangible outcome within 24 months of receipt of grant funds. 

The number of grants awarded will depend on the quality and number of applications received. 

Applications close on 20 August 2021 at 5pm (AEST)

Applications will be judged based upon alignment with research priorities of Osteopathy Australia’s strategic plan; capacity and credibility of the team of investigators; strengthening of collaborative research partnerships; quality of research design and methodology; significance, innovation, and impact of the research project; potential for extramural funding following project completion; budget justification; feasibility of the project. Priority for the current grant round will be given to applications with a focus on patient-based outcomes.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the review by the Osteopathy Australia Research Committee within 60 days of the submission deadline.

Research Grant Funding Guidelines and Policy

Guidelines and policies for the Osteopathy Australia's Research Grant Program can be found under the heading 'Grant Forms and Templates' below. Applicants must read these guidelines before completing an application.

The guidelines and policy documents outline:

  • The purpose of the grant scheme
  • The eligibility and assessment criteria
  • How grant applications are considered and selected
  • How grantees are notified and receive grant payments
  • How grantees will be monitored and evaluated
  • Responsibilities and expectations of the grantee
  • Publication and dissemination expectations

Grant Forms and Templates

Research Grant Guidelines

Research Grant Funding Policy

Grant Application Form
This form is to be completed by the Chief Investigator applying for the Osteopathy Research Grant Program

Grant Application Checklist

Submission: Applications can be submitted via email to

Forms for successful grant applications

With successful grant applications, the funding agreement outlines a range of reporting obligations. These templates have been developed to assist.

Project Progress and Outcomes Template - Interim Report

Project Progress and Outcomes Template - Final Report

Grant Budget Acquittal template

Additional Information

This grant aims to facilitate research that benefits osteopathy by:

  • Enhancing and supporting the profession
  • Embracing the complex reality of osteopathic practice
  • Promoting rigorous and critical examination of practice
  • Building understanding of osteopathy’s role and place in the Australian health system
  • Developing research maturity in practitioners, researchers and academics
  • Engaging osteopaths in research outcomes that benefit practice safety and effectiveness to facilitate best practice.

Research funds will be allocated to support independent research projects which align with the Osteopathy Australia Research Priorities and the Research Strategy for Osteopathy Australia. These funds are disbursed through a competitive process that calls for proposals of research projects by applicants. Dissemination of the available funds for these grants is determined by the Osteopathy Australia Research Committee based on merit alone. In the event that the total value of approved applications in any one round does not equate to the total available annual research budget, surplus funds will NOT accrue to the research round in the following financial year.

It is our intention to run funding rounds annually. Advertisement will take place through professional associations and external research institutions for at least 30 days prior to the submission deadline. The Osteopathy Australia Research Committee may choose, at their discretion, to specify a topic or theme which will be prioritised above other criteria for the forthcoming grant round. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the review by the Osteopathy Australia Research Committee within 60 days of the submission deadline.

Unsolicited applications for research funding

Osteopathy Australia is committed to a clear and transparent process to underpin the awarding of any funding for research projects devised and directed independently to Osteopathy Australia. In general, we will only fund research projects associated with Osteopathy Australia-directed calls for applications. In very rare or exceptional circumstances, we may consider funding research outside of these structured funding rounds. Investigators wishing to be funded need to submit a request and these applications will be reviewed by the Research Committee based on research significance and methodology. Recommendations from the Research Committee will then be made to the Board. It is at the sole and full discretion of the Board to determine whether funding will be approved. Osteopathy Australia is not obligated to provide detailed reasons should a Research Fund Application not be approved by the Board.

For research-related queries and assistance, please contact our Senior Research and Project Officer on (02) 9410 0099 or

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