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Legals for Osteos

Legals for Osteos
  • Webinar
  • Business Course
CPD 1.5 hours
(inclusive of GST)
Free for members, $38 for non - members
Date 7 Mar 2018
Time 7.30 - 9pm

Course Description

Presenter: Jessica Kerr

This webinar will focus on the key legal issues facing Osteopaths.  It includes:

  • Health records, privacy and data integrity – keeping up with current requirements 
  • Contractors, employees and risk management - understanding how to hire your workers and what training and procedures you should implement to manage risk, and how to satisfy your obligations under the relevant Award 
  • Leases and subleases –common issues, risks and pitfalls; quick checklist when looking to lease or sublease new premises; ownership of clients, insurance and restraints of trade.
  • Brand protection and preserving the integrity of your brand in the online environment

About the presenter:

Jessica Kerr is the director of Sinclair + May, a female-led boutique law firm based in Melbourne. Sinclair + May work extensively with allied health professionals to ensure their legals are in order. After having worked in top tier law firms, Jessica set up Sinclair + May with a view to make law accessible to small businesses. Sinclair + May operate on a fixed fee basis and aim to keep their clients out of trouble by taking a preventative approach to the law. Since April 2015, Sinclair + May have been working extensively with allied health professionals to ensure they understand their legal obligations and assist them to prepare the key legal documents to successfully run their practice.

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Legals for Osteos