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Osteopathy Australia Statement on #StopTenpenny Campaign

7 January 2015

Dr Tenpenny is not an osteopath, but an osteopathic physician nor is she registered as a health practitioner in Australia. She trained in the United States of America. The scope of practice of American osteopathic physicians is different to the scope of practice of osteopaths in many other countries including Australia. American osteopaths have full medical/surgical scope of practice. Australian trained osteopaths, unless otherwise qualified as medical practitioners, may not lawfully practise as an osteopath in the USA. If Dr Tenpenny were to practice here, she’d need registration by the Medical Board of Australia (i.e. not the Osteopathy Board).

Osteopathy Australia, as a peak body for osteopaths in Australia, support public vaccination programs as important public health initiatives. Parents with questions or concerns should consult a medical practitioner, maternal health nurse, or state health department. This is the official vaccination policy statement approved by the Board of Directors of Osteopathy Australia and publicly available via our website.

For all our member osteopaths and the public we published the policy on our website in 2011 along with list of resources containing information on vaccination. Under the Osteopathy Board of Australia (OBA) codes and guidelines, to comply with s. 133 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and these guidelines, advertising of services must not contain any claim, statement or implication that the services can be a substitute for public health vaccination or immunisation.

Vaccination Policy Statement

Osteopathy Australia

For media enquiries please contact Irina Aristova.

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